“Zero-Cheese” Profile

“Zero-Cheese” Profile

Hello, I go by the name “Zero-Cheese”.

Programming is my passion and I live to create ‘fun things’, hoping to interact with those I cherish and to contribute to society, even if it’s just a little bit.

While I work as an engineer in a company, I also do programming contract work on the side.

Once upon a time, my main language was ‘C’, but before I knew it, my main language shifted to ‘Java → Python’.

Recently, I’ve been immersed in Python as I find deep learning exciting. (So much so that I’ve even obtained the E certification from the Japan Deep Learning Association.)

Career Introduction Student Life

School days:

  • My first PC was a PC-9821. I remember needing about 40 FDDs for an OS backup…
  • At some point, I got hooked on building PCs.
  • Then, I completely forgot about programming… Working Life

Working age:

  • One day, I remembered my love for programming and resumed self-study.
  • An Android app I released was featured in an article. (It was an app that made a sound when you shook the device.)
  • Started running an FX automated trading system at home.
  • Then, started running a stock automated trading system at home.
  • Furthermore, started running a Bitcoin automated trading system at home.
  • Participated in a hackathon held by the Japan Deep Learning Association and won a prize.
  • Produced several websites and web apps.
  • Started a blog.
  • (↓ The following has nothing to do with programming.)
  • Participated in Comiket multiple times as a doujinshi creator (even sold some at Toranoana).
  • Created 2D CG as a hobby (Software used: SAI → ClipStudio, Photoshop)
  • Proficient in 3D modelling software CATIA (learned for work)
  • 2D mechanical drawing designer (learned for work)
  • Industrial ladder circuit user (learned for work) Currently challenging
  • 3D modelling software Blender (it’s too different from CATIA… quite difficult…)
  • Also challenging 3D modelling software VRoid (it’s fun!)